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I Can Spin A Rainbow

by Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel

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Quinn the Eskimo
Quinn the Eskimo thumbnail
Quinn the Eskimo Amanda + Edward Ka-Spel???? OK, if you tried to gather their combined total ouput you might need a month or two and a second mortgage but it would be worth it FANTASTIC!
avanti thumbnail
avanti OMG!!! - Brilliance just keeps gettin' better and better prithee-liquidation day is such a sublime soothing composition and the rest follow in the sublime order as well... :-) Favorite track: Prithee/Liquidation Day.
Pete Twentythree
Pete Twentythree thumbnail
Pete Twentythree First track is amazingly good. Favorite track: Pulp Fiction.
Helen O'Sullivan
Helen O'Sullivan thumbnail
Helen O'Sullivan First listen to the album today - sounds slightly sinister in places, and tragic, with slithers of hope and absolutely, utterly beautiful, thanks ever so much! xx Favorite track: Shahla's Missing Page.
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note: tracks 10. "Subway" and 11. "The Sun Still Shines" appear on the 12" vinyl release and do not appear on the CD version of the album. you can stream them here on bandcamp, but please note that they're not part of the full album download.

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released May 5, 2017

Recorded at Hideaway Studio and Chez Dots, London in Summer 2016.

Mastered by Ray Steeg and Peter Van Vliet
Vocals and instruments: Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel
Violins: Patrick Q. Wright
Singing saw: Alexis Michallek
Artwork: Judith Clute


all rights reserved



Amanda Palmer Boston

performer, writer, giver, taker, listener, love-lover, rule-hater and co-founder of the Brechtian punk cabaret duo, The Dresden Dolls.



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Track Name: Pulp Fiction

We came here as a matching set
The six of us, just us six innocents
A blind date at the fiction
May I peek through your blue eyes?
The night is white the lights are flashing
And the six us of are hot
Although it’s March, you’ll find us splashing
Where the rest of you would not

The room just keeps on spinning as the bad boys play roulette
I lost a shoe, but I keep winning
No contusions no regret
Because it’s better to be hammered than a useless rusty nail
It’s all the sixes, and we’re set, into the morning Abigail

I’m on my knees
Not praying
Is there anybody down there?
Sorry, please
It’s taken
You won’t find anybody in here…

We're flying at the fiction on a night you won't believe
Free spirits flailing in the fountain
And near nothing underneath
It's like the movie where she gets the guy
And takes the plane and leaves
The tragic facts of life for losers for a life less ordinary

They all shoot horses, don’t they?
Sure we’re doomed to drop
I don’t care how long it takes
Just need to make it to the shops
So can you help me cause I need it
Got my head stuck in this pail
The weekend’s young, and I am trying
Turn the light on Abigail

I’m on my knees
Not playing
Can’t find anybody in here
For pity’s sake, what would I have to
Take for you to listen

So please don’t shout
Stop shaking
Don’t take any pictures
I’m so sorry, Abby, really
Being blinded by the fiction
Track Name: Shahla's Missing Page

I have a little vial
A little plastic vial
I keep it in my pocket
Deep down where no one sees it

I’ve carried it for twenty
Two and a half years and we
Touch through the tall electric
Fence wearing masks and blankets

My father always told me
To keep a glass of pepper
So I could fight the night men
So I could sleep forever

If they found my hiding spot
I’ll tell you where I keep it locked
At night the code is 3-2-1
Be brave...

Share it with our sons

The crack of dawn and rifling
We heard the sound of engines
It was the wind perhaps the
Living room floor collapsing

My father always told me
To say a little prayer
Before I lay my head down
Before the men take over

Eyes tight, one step, I stumble
Into a night dressed navy
I promised, and you promised
I see our children waving
Be brave…
Track Name: The Shock Of Kontakt

Astrid, do you recall the Sundays at the Spa with double straws
From a carton with a heart on?
Who could ask for more?

You'd assure me you’d support me
As I tried to write that novel
In the hovel we called home

You'd mow the lawn
You'd pay the bills
You touched me there
You touched me there

The shock of kontakt kept us warm
The shock of kontakt kept us warm
The shock of kontakt kept us warm

Astrid, you kept your word
You never said a word
As I ripped up the pages
Spent your wages
Entertaining friends you hated
Making bombs
I planted them in galleries
Your salary it was wasted (oh, how criminal)

They cut the power
They pulled the plug
They took away the phone
We're quite alone
We share a candle in the cellar
Oh, you touched me there

The shock of kontakt kept us warm
The shock of kontakt kept us warm
The shock of kontakt kept us warm, warm, warm, warm, warm…

And Astrid, as sure as blue skies always turn to grey
They came with guns
I tried to run
And you took all the blame
They took you and I never said a word
And now you never say a word
As I lean through the bars
I whisper my apologies
Oh, jesus you stare clean through me
You cut me down

Still, I touch you there
I touch you there

The shock of kontakt keeps us warm
I touch you there

The shock of kontakt keeps us warm
Track Name: Beyond The Beach

I cannot recommend the cherries hanging low from this old tree
They glow on moonless nights and taste a bit like paraffin
It’s been a decade since it happened, and we’re told we can return
But maybe best to boil the water, ignore the after burn

I have an extra hand to hold you with
I have an even tan to show off with
A chest like Annapurna
A heart of precious stone
Maybe a slow burner but there’s steel in them dry bones
Mountain man learned to be patient
In a world that keeps mutating
My, oh my, just look how we have grown

And the Geiger counter’s ticking,
Mountain man is coming close
Been 2 years, the baby’s kicking
A hundred little toes
Mountain man may be a virgin
Aren’t we all?
Track Name: The Clock at the Back of the Cage

We used to talk all the time
The blindfolded bodies you stacked in the barn
And they told you not to look behind you

The elephants walk in a line
The ringmaster takes off his hat to the queen
And she opens her mouth as they file inside

You used to tell me the hurt
The way they would strap you
In freezing white basements
And wire your heart til your hopefulness burst

The queen cannot fit through the arch
So she strips off your sisters and tells you to march
And you fall in line with your hands on your throat
The parade of paralysis starts

The ringmaster heads into town for the day
When they were just little he'd staked them in place
They’re free now to roam
And they’re free to run home
But they've lost the idea of escape

How they crowned you
Weighted and drowned you
How they made you numb
No bandage around you
I’ve found and unwound you
Now how to make you run

And the queen she is falling apart
She clutches the bannister shaking in shock
At the ugliness of her own heart
The ugliness of her own heart

I had a dream that we talked
We went to the White Cliffs and went for a walk
And I counted the times that our true loves had died
And you took my hand and looked over the side
And we saw your body down there
Getting taken away by the tide

Now they’re all gone but you’ve stayed
The door is unlatched, but you are not afraid
There’s a nice patch of straw and a comfortable cage
The door is unlatched, but you’re not afraid
There’s a nice patch of straw and a comfortable cage

How they crowned you
Weighted and drowned you
How they made you numb
No bandage around you
I’ve found and unbound you
Now how to make you run, run, run, run, run…
Track Name: The Changing Room

Carolina Caterpillar’s curled up on a leaf
Counting all the new friends that are on her list to leave
Cocoons aren’t made for communes
She needs her wings to spread
A forest of old lovers
Not enough for playing dead
“It’s not easy being inconclusive”
Carolina said

The sink tastes like an ashtray
Never washed, and upside down
“Get a life” says old aunt agony
She turns the volume down
Teleports back to the bathroom
Where she might be found
Reclining Venus, extra furs
So fine in such a gown
“It’s not easy being inconvenient”
Carolina frowned

Now she’ll purr like Eartha Kitt with bloody nails
Laetitia’s whips
The cat stares from the pillow
Never judging, only sits
If she learned how to be patient
No need to bite her tail
The Oracle, she’s ancient
She did not inhale

Carolina Caterpillar slips from hive to hive
She stops off at the pink dot to get cigarettes and flies
She knows she’s got an hour before something in her dies
“It’s not me, it’s you, and that’s what’s tragic”

Carolina sighs
Track Name: The Jack Of Hands

Charity begins at homes
For those too sick
Those indisposed
Footsteps in the corridor
Little Johnny’s playing dead

They gave the Jack of Hands the key
He’s free to tread and lift the sheets
He’ll be dressed in white they said

But I don’t believe in angels

When the good son rises
When we hear the birds
Little Johnny's curled up and crying
Alas a touch disturbed
The Jack of Hands is far away
He’s opening a school
They’ll offer him a chariot
But Jack prefers to walk


Hush now
Hush now
Jack is coming
Jack is coming
Shush now
Shush now
Like you’re sleeping
Like you’re sleeping
He’s carrying his special box
No one ever asks what’s in it
No more suffer little children
Jack’ll fix it
Jack’ll fix it

It’s Jack the national treasure
Jack’s beating on his chest
He’s flying off to Africa
Cause Africa’s the best

They’ll cordon off the airport
Because the crowd is vast
And Jack will play the trinity
He’ll be home at last

Still I don’t believe in angels
Track Name: Prithee/Liquidation Day

You make the sun shine
Keep me warm at night

Sometimes you are my guiding light
When I'm weak or desperate
You'll stretch out your hand
It's a hand that offers courage
It's a hand that calms me down
And leads me to a land that we
Discovered countless years ago
Still young enough to change
This wicked world
So tell me angel, where to now?

Shall we chase rainbows
Ride the stars by night
Stay close
Be my second sight
Show me our tomorrows
'Cause I can't dream alone

Good Queen Regina has a baby
Needs to shop with just one arm
The retinue is panicking
She stays completely calm
Despite the flying mandarins
The rattling tine, the all-encompassing alarm

Because it’s Liquidation Day
Ma'am’s one with the people

The Lady Grey is floating
And the camera's zooming in
And baby’s loudly choking as
synthetic violins provide a sense of dignity
And keep it neat
And mute the screams

Liquidation Day
Ma’am’s one with the people
And everything must go
Royal trucks have blocked the road
The cordon's set in stone
Yet her subjects stand there waving
The flags are at half price
‘Cause it pays to advertise
And everybody’s nice
They’re craving (craving)

Good Queen Regina blows a kiss
To show she’s just like one of us
Never fully understood the need for all the fuss
Prefers to be the first …not part of that ignoble rush
That ignoble rush

Liquidation Day
It’s liberating …hey!
To be one all the…
Track Name: Rainbow's End

I am a little blue-ish dot
Lost in a sea of grey
The red of streets around me
In a box has gone away
Nothing loads it only spins
And the child-lock keeps me in
The signal flashes green
And then decays

I maybe should have just ignored that little voice inside
You know, the aimless one that counts to 3 then whispers, “Drive”
The one word that was uttered
At the moment that it mattered
I would leave then
Hoping someday I’d arrive (I’d arrive)

I reached out for the shiny button
But it wouldn't scan
I heard a voice from in the static shouting
About a land
Where the highways form a spiral
And the stories all go viral
For a day that lasts a lifetime
In a frozen block of sand

I am blinking in the night
He is turning to the right
"We will get there in the end"
He whispered
Reaching for a light

I am sinking in the grey
It is not night
It is not day
“I will take you where you wanted to go”
He said
…And then we drove away

We’re somewhere on the telly
In the middle of a road
The story can’t be finished
‘Cause this picture still won’t load
They say that I’m not breathing
But I simply don’t believe them
And as soon as this is working
I will make him take me home

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