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A Short History of Almost Something
Strings arranged by Paul Buckmaster


i tried to fall in it again
my friends took bets and disappeared
they mime their sighing violins
i think i’ll wait another year

i want my chest pressed to your chest
my nervous systems interfere
ten or eleven months at best
i think i’ll wait another year

this weather turns my tricks to rust
i am a lousy engineer
the winter makes things hard enough
i think i’ll wait another year

plus, i’m only 26 years old
my grandma died at 83
that’s lots of time if i don’t smoke
i think i’ll wait another year

i’m not as callous as you think
i barely breathe when you are near
it’s not as bad when i don’t drink
i think i’ll wait another year

i have my new bill hicks cd
i have my friends and my career
i’m getting smaller by degrees
you said you’d help me disappear
but that could take forever
i think i’ll wait another year
it’ll be the best year ever
i think i’ll wait another...

can’t we just wait together?
you bring the smokes, i’ll bring the beer

...i think i’ll wait another year


from Who Killed Amanda Palmer, released September 16, 2008
Basic recorded at Prairie Sun Studios, Cotati, CA.
Engineer: Justin Phelps. 
Strings arranged by Paul Buckmaster and recorded at Capitol Records in LA. 
Mixed by Michael Brauer in Nashville at Chez Ben.
Produced by Amanda.



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Amanda Palmer Boston

performer, writer, giver, taker, listener, love-lover, rule-hater and co-founder of the Brechtian punk cabaret duo, The Dresden Dolls.



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